Cody Anderson’s horse tale

Cody Anderson walked over from his locker in the White Sox clubhouse on Sunday morning and smiled.

“I think I’ve got a name picked out,” he said.

If you haven’t heard, Anderson recently became the proud owner of a horse.

On Wednesday night in Arizona, Anderson’s quarter horse was born at the ranch he has frequented for the past couple of springs.

Tom and Margaret Bartol run the ranch, where they train and tend to racehorses and other animals. When he isn’t at Cleveland’s complex in Spring Training, Anderson spends his time there, riding horses, roping and helping out. It serves as his escape from the daily grind and stress.

This spring, I tagged along with Anderson to the ranch for a day, along with an crew, to feature his unique preseason routine. Follow the link below to check it out.

Anderson’s new horse will remain at the ranch under the Bartol’s care for about a year. The pitcher plans to eventually send the horse, which Anderson hopes to train for rodeos rather than racing, to a ranch run by a friend of his in Oregon.

“He breaks horses,” Anderson said. “So, I’ll get him up there and he’ll find out what he’s good at.”

In the meantime, Anderson needs to come up with a name — four names, actually. Within the first year, he has to submit four name ideas to the American Quarter Horse Association, which will approve one. What potential name had Anderson excited on Sunday morning?

“Little rig,” he said with a grin. “They call me, ‘Big rig.’ So, when I’m riding him, and people say, ‘Hey, Big rig, what’s his name?’ It’s, ‘Little rig.'”


Tyler Naquin — one of Anderson’s closest friends — said someone had another good idea on social media.

“Somebody on Twitter tweeted at him and said name it, ‘Tyler Neigh-quin,'” he said with a laugh.


Naquin has also headed to the Bartol’s ranch with Anderson from time to time during Spring Training. The rookie outfielder said it was exciting when he and Anderson both made the Opening Day roster for the Indians. Beyond the Naquin and Anderson families, the Bartols also shared in the moment.

“They’re like second parents to us,” Naquin said. “They’re awesome. They were very excited.”

Anderson smiled when asked how the Bartols reacted to the news.

“Oh man, it was awesome,” said the pitcher. “They were thrilled. We went out to dinner to celebrate. Margaret was glad we both made it, so she doesn’t have to try to to watch two games. Now, she only has to watch Indians games.”



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