Bye, 2015: Your Top 10 List

It’s New Years Eve. It’s a time for reflection, resolutions and, of course, lists. Everybody looooves year-end lists.

Rather than just post my favorite moments of 2015, I thought I’d share what were your favorite moments… from my Twitter feed. With a hat tip to @Indians for the idea, here were my Top 10 Tribe-related tweets from 2015, based on interaction (clicks, retweets, likes, etc;).

One thing this little exercise showed me? There was a lot of optimism about this team in the spring, as half of the tweets on this list came during the preseason.

Thanks for following along. Have a great New Year celebration and an even better 2016!

10. Trevor Bauer imitates his teammates (July 3)


9. Sad fireworks guy is sad (Sept. 15)


8. Swisher takes a swing (Feb. 18)


7. Tito’s ill-time bathroom break (June 17)


6. Kipnis does a unique spring drill (Feb. 18)


5. Teammates prank Jose Ramirez (March 26)


4. Kluber preps for the season (March 1)


3. The slow march to Opening Day (Jan. 23)


2. Lindor gets the call… err, text (June 14)


1. Pitchers in sync (Feb. 28)


Other notable tweets outside these 10 from 2015…

Most retweets:

Most likes:

A personal favorite:

Happy New Year, everyone.


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