A look back at Bobby

STOPLet’s STOP, and take a moment to reflect on the three-year stint of Ryan Raburn — affectionately referred to as “Bobby” by his teammates — as a member of the Indians. Tribe fans, you laughed. You cried, or at least cringed when he famously spiked the ball in left field. And you certainly admired when he’d belt homers off the likes of Chris Sale.

For reporters, Raburn was always accessible and accountable. That’s really all you can ask. Now, he’ll get a chance to provide some veteran leadership (not to mention a potent versus-lefties bat) elsewhere. On Wednesday, Raburn became a free agent after Cleveland declined his $3-million team option for 2016.

“He was a really good teammate, a guy that really had an impact in his time with us,” said Chris Antonetti, the Indians’ president of baseball operations. “That made the decision really difficult.”

In honor of No. 9, here are nine highlights from Raburn’s tour with the Tribe. Click on the photos for videos:

1. The Goon Squad


2. The Balk-off


3. The Spike


4. Raburn pitches


5. Raburn pitches… again!


6. A dive and a bomb


7. Dirty diving


8. Can’t stop, won’t stop


9. Buy one, get one vs. Sale



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