Antonetti talks trade market

AntonettiIndians GM Chris Antonetti sat down with reporters at Progressive Field on Friday and discussed the current landscape of the trade market. With the non-waiver Trade Deadline looming on Wednesday, Cleveland is staring at few sellers and steep asking prices.

“As we’ve looked at the 30 teams,” Antonetti said, “you can make the argument that there are 24, or maybe even 25 teams that are either buying or at least holding on to players, and only a select handful of teams that are willing to trade off Major League players.

“It’s further complicated for us that at least one, if not more, of those teams that are willing to sell players, are in our division.”

As has been well-documented, the addition of a second Wild Card in each league, along with the removal of draft-pick compensation for players headed to free agency, has altered both the numbers of sellers and the willingness of buyers to part with prospects. Antonetti said this will likely lead to continued talks about possibly pushing the Trade Deadline’s date back at some point down the road.

“We’ve talked about that a lot,” Antonetti said. “We’ve talked about it at each of the last two GM Meetings, that exact topic. So I imagine it’ll be a topic for discussion again this fall, especially now that we have two years with the new CBA rules. I anticipate it’s something we’ll talk about again in November.”

As for the Indians’ needs, Antonetti said he hasn’t ruled anything out, but the GM did cite left-handed relief as one specific area that could be improved. Heading into Friday’s game with Texas, Cleveland’s left-handed relievers had combined for a 6.54 ERA and 1.48 WHIP on the season.

“I think in the bullpen we could be a little bit more consistent,” Antonetti said. “I think that’s one area where we haven’t been as consistent maybe as we would like, especially our ability to get left-handed hitters out. That’s an area that we’ll try to improve, whether it’s internal alternatives or external alternatives.”

Cleveland was in the discussion for pitcher Matt Garza, who was traded to the Rangers by the Cubs, but the Indians were reportedly unwilling to part with third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall as part of the deal. Now, with the Tribe’s rotation sporting a MLB-leading 2.05 ERA over the past 13 games and a 3.60 ERA going back to June 11 (third-best in the AL over that span), the Indians might not be looking at rotation alternatives.

“When you look at the rotation,” Antonetti said, “those guys have done a good job over the course of the last four or five weeks. So the question of which of those guys would come out of the rotation, if we acquired a starter, is not an easy question to answer.”


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