Winter Meetings: Wednesday

It just wouldn’t be right to have a Winter Meetings without some wild talk of multi-team trade possibilities. This year, it’s the Indians who are reportedly in the mix for a blockbuster.

Cleveland and Arizona have reportedly been trying to work on a four-team deal that would include sending shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera to the D-backs.’s Anthony Castrovince reported that the Tribe and D-backs have also discussed framework of a traditional trade centered around Cabrera and pitcher Trevor Bauer.

Will this complicated deal come to fruition? They rarely do, due to the many moving parts. I do think Cleveland will trade Cabrera, though not necessarily before these Meetings conclude. There is simply too much smoke not to believe there is a fire burning behind the scenes.

Keep checking back here throughout the day for rumors and reports from Nashville:

  • After missing out on Shane Victorino, the Indians remains very much in the mix for free-agent outfielder Jason Bay. The club has extended him a one-year offer, and Bay is nearing his decision. The Mariners and others remain in play, too.
  • Free-agent infielder Jack Hannahan has garnered interest from seven teams in Nashville, with five showing “genuine” interest. A reunion in Cleveland seems unlikely given that he has an opportunity to start or platoon elsewhere. The White Sox, Reds, Yankees and Twins have all checked in.
  • The Indians handed Cody Allen the Bob Feller Award for Minor League pitcher of the year and outfielder Tim Fedroff the Lou Boudreau Award for Minor League Player of the Year. Well deserved on both fronts.
  • Kevin Youkilis’ camp met with the Indians on Tuesday, and is reportedly mulling multiple offers. With the Tribe, he’d be an everyday first baseman. He has opportunities to play third base (White Sox, Yankees) elsewhere.
  • 11:30 a.m. CT — The four-team trade talks are reportedly ongoing, and involve the Indians, D-backs, Rays and Rangers. ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that the Royals have been involved, too. Sooo… stay tuned.
  • Olney also noted that the Indians are interested in free-agent outfielder Nick Swisher after swinging and missing on Victorino.
  • Reporters have a luncheon with baseball’s managers today, and we also have a scheduled sit-down with Terry Francona this afternoon. Later on, we will have our daily discussion with GM Chris Antonetti. Stay tuned for highlights of both sessions.
  • 3:10 p.m. CT — Indians are out on Bay, who is finalizing a Major League deal with Seattle. Bay’s is a native of Trail, B.C., which is northeast of his new home city.
  • Various reports about the proposed multi-team deal describe it as being dormant for the time being. Nothing seems imminent.
  • Indians have continued to show interest in Kevin Youkilis and Nick Swisher, and Mark Reynolds is also on their radar for first base.
  • 7:45 p.m. CT — Been busy writing a few stories for, but here are a few updates from the past few hours: Indians have inquired about the availability of Dodgers SS Dee Gordon, likely in case they trade Cabrera. … Along those lines, Cleveland has also reportedly shown interest in free-agent SS Stephen Drew. … Indians have met with Mark Reynolds’ reps, and continue to have a high level of interest in Kevin Youkilis and Nick Swisher. … Mike Pelfrey is reportedly on Cleveland’s radar.
  • Highlights of our sit-downs with Francona and Antonetti will be on tonight, along with a story on former player/coach/manager and  long-time Indians employee Johnny Goryl, who will receive the Minor League Mike Coolbaugh Award on Thursday night. The 79-year-old Goryl is currently an advisor to the team’s player development department.



Shouldn’t Nick Swisher have been our primary target over Victorino, instead of the other way around?

I got all the hitters but did lousy on the piethcrs, only getting Wade Davis. But I feel good about it because I have been very optimistic about Joyce for a while and think many analysts, especially those not focused on the Rays, overlook him as potentially a key contributor. Part of my optimism for 2010 is that I expected Upton to break out, and while he didn’t make a huge impression, he did show progress, so perhaps I was a year early. If he does, and if Joyce emerges as a force, the Rays offense can be just fine even without Crawford.I also am very optimistic about Davis who I anticipate will build on a solid rookie year.

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