Derek Lowe has “zero respect” for Dusty Baker

Indians veteran Derek Lowe had some harsh words aimed at Reds manager Dusty Baker following Wednesday’s 5-2 loss to Cincinnati. Lowe’s expletive-filled postgame rant came after Mat Latos threw a fastball a little too far inside for the Tribe pitcher’s liking.

The pitch in question was a first-pitch, 96-mph heater from Latos to open the fifth inning. After watching the pitch breeze by, Lowe motioned toward the Reds dugout and barked at Baker. Lowe said he and Baker have had bad blood boiling for years, dating back to when the pitcher was with the Dodgers.

According to Lowe, Baker has been instructing his pitchers to throw at Lowe for the past five years.

Here is the transcript of what Lowe had to say:

Q: Is there something going on between you and Reds?

“Dusty will deny it. It has everything to do with him. You can go ask him. He’ll deny it like he has no idea. They’ve been trying to do this [stuff] for years. I’d always come up with men on base. To say it didn’t come from Dusty, Mat Latos was with the San Diego Padres the last four years. He has no idea what’s going on. Again, you can ask him and he’ll say he doesn’t know [anything] about it like he always does. This goes back to my last year with the Dodgers. He made up some [bogus] story. A lot of people got involved. People almost got fired over it. You can go ask him right now and he’ll say he has no idea what you’re talking about. But just watch the game. Mat Latos has nothing to do with anything that has gone on. How would he know? Why in the [world] would you throw a 96 mph fastball, first pitch, inside to a pitcher? Ask him.”

Q: People almost got fired?

“There were a lot of people involved. I mean, by no means am I going to sit here and get into it.”

Q: Was this ever made public?

“No, but a lot of people knew about it. I have zero respect for the guy — not that it matters. I imagine he’d say the same about me. But the [stuff] that was being said and the denials that he ended up ultimately doing was pretty sad. I’ll just leave it at that. They’ve been trying to do this [stuff] for years, but I always came up with men on base. It’s the first time it came up with no one on base. That’s why I was pointing at him, because I knew why it happened. He shook his finger likehe had nothing to do with it. I guess Mat Latos just figured he’d hit me to lead off the fifth inning on his own.”



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Did Dusty talk about Lowe’s infidelities? Suck it Derek….

What a paranoid nutjob. “He’ll say he knows nothing about this, but he does! I’m telling you he does! Why won’t anyone believe me?”
Derek Lowe would be a perfect fit for the Cardinals.

hahahaha wow Derek Lowe is just a senile old man who can’t accept the fact that he’s lost to a younger, better pitcher….time to retire old man! The Reds got you FTW!

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You don’t live in Cleveleand you LIVE IN CINCINNATI!!!!

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Dusty is inside Lowes head big time playing pinochle. Other managers will probably pick up on it to really rattle his cage.

newspaper guys love this kind of stuff . . . they wish that it would happen in every game

So is this idiot mad because he thinks they were throwing at him, or because Latos actually treated him like a hitter and threw an inside fastball to him instead of a 70 mph lob right down the pipe? Either way, if you’re going to come out and make a big, bad statement like this, you better back it up instead of saying, “I’m not going to talk about that right now,” or act like you’re the classy one by keeping secrets. Grow the hell up. You want to play beanball by drilling Phillips the next inning and Votto a few years ago, then stop hiding behind the DH and take your retaliation like a man. Otherwise, STFU you baby.

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