Covering the Bases: Game 5


White Sox 10, Indians 6

FIRST: Talk about an offensive explosion. Six runs on 10 hits — both season highs. OK, it wasn’t exactly the second coming of the ’27 Yankees, but it was progress. After watching the lineup average 2.7 runs per nine innings prior to Wednesday’s game, it was nice to see some hits strung together.

In the fourth inning, the Indians actually pieced together three hits in a row — for the first time this season. Cleveland still hasn’t had more than three hits in any one inning, though. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though for the local nine, however. The Tribe was 1-for-11 with runners in scoring position and stranded 11 runners.

Hey, baby steps, people.

SECOND: Within the offense’s slight resurgence were a couple of strong showings from DH Travis Hafner and LF Shelley Duncan. Hafner went 2-for-4 with a homer and three RBIs, while Duncan went 3-for-5 with a homer and two RBIs. If that duo can contribute solid pop and run production on a consistent basis, the middle of the Indians’ order will have a much different feel to it. Hafner has looked solid since the start of spring. Duncan has shown the power, but has lacked the consistency. Wednesday was at least a promising afternoon for both of them.

THIRD: On the other hand, leadoff man Michael Brantley and second baseman Jason Kipnis have gotten off on the wrong foot. Brantley went 0-for-4 and is now hitting .059 on the season. Kipnis went 0-for-4 and is hitting .095. If the Indians want to be a playoff team, both of these guys need to have big years.

HOME: It is rare to see Jack Hannahan make a game-changing error. The same goes for Casey Kotchman. On Wednesday, both made an error that contribued to Chicago’s win. Hannahan misfired on a throw attempt to first base in the first inning and the White Sox went on to have a four-run frame. Kotchman mishandled a low throw from shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera in the fifth and the Sox tacked on another run after that miscue. That might be the only time this season both guys make an error in the same game. They’ll save more runs than they cost when it’s all said and done.

On deck:

Indians (1-4) at Royals (3-2)*
4:10 p.m. ET Friday at Kauffman Stadium

*Record doesn’t include KC’s Wednesday result

NOTE: I will not be on the trip to Kansas City. I will be back on the beat for the West Coast swing through Seattle and Oakland. Keep following for updates on the Indians-Royals series in my absence.



Keep up the good work. Wish they would have started JG today. Looking forward to seeing Tribe in Seattle next week. Know who will start Tues and Wed night?

Masterson wasn’t great, but that first inning drove me crazy. At the mercy of his defense, as proven today. You miss some outs and it just goes downhill from there. I mean Kip watched one roll right past him in the first with no attempt to even make it look like he cared the ball was hit his way.

I just dont understand, after watching the spring training and now we’re one and four…how can anyone say there isnt a definite problem with the talent the Indians have or the lack of. How can anyone say the Indians are going to contend or even take second place? Give me a break, is everone blind to all the facts?
And already I’ve seen some questionable things by Acta? What the heck is going on with this orginization??????

You think this is a team that’s going to continue to hit .150 for the year?

Yeah Masterson really drew the short end of the stick today. Hannahan’s error and a couple of softly hit ground balls cost him 4 runs. Granted his control was poor today but not at all worried about him moving forward. I think today was a positive step for this offense. They had better at-bats and with this pitching any offensive improvement could mean the ability to contend. My only real disappointment so far has been Brantley not only is he not getting on base but he is having absolutely abysmal at-bats. We are talking one or two pitch at-bats with weak pop-ups.

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“Baby steps”(?) This isn’t a little league team this is supposed to be a MLB that thinks it can compete for a playoff position but that has just finished a terrible spring training camp. You should also know when a team has a big lead their pitcher is throwing strikes allowing the opposition to hit the ball for quicker outs. They don’t pitch the same way in a tie or close game. Many of the Indians hits were beacause of the Chisox lead and not because they were coming out of a slump. The Tribe has had an offense problem since 2008. They rely too much on the long ball to score runs, can’t steal bases and seldom play small ball. Acta either doesn’t know how or doesn’t believe in it. He’s also terrible with his pitching staff moves. There just seems to be no life on this team like last year. Acta and Antonetti are not worried? Well they better be since they didn’t have anyone who hit above .275 last year, no 30 home run hitter and no one who drove in 100 runs. The Tribe of today will not be able to compete with Detroit, Kansas City or Chicago

totally agree…this team may be the worst offensive team in baseball and will anyone hold antonetti, shaprio, acta or dolan responsible? nope. jordan will continue to write fluff pieces that the dolans suggest. i bet the next “blog” entry will be about the new food being offered at home games or how big league hitters will often hit under .100…by they way…what is that line called? career advice jordan…call toronto and see if they will take you back. at least they have someone who can hit more than 25 HR’s.

Good work Tribe! Here’s my recap of the weekend….


Go Tribe.

I find it rather humorous to read these comments above after this weekend. Typical reactionary response. In any case I am excited to see this team start to swing the bat and I hope they can carry this momentum into Seattle. Check out my blog

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