Covering the Bases: Game 4


White Sox 4, Indians 2

FIRST: Some good news. The Indians have reached an agreement with catcher Carlos Santana on a long-term contract, locking up another core player for the forseeable future. I don’t know the money or the terms yet, but it seems safe to assume (since he was contractually controllable through 2016 before this) that the new deal will cover his arbitration year and potentially a year of free-agent eligibility. An official announcement is expected to come on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

SECOND: It is April 9, so this is still fair game for saying “it’s still early.” But how long can the Indians keep playing that card if their offense continues to struggle? On Monday, Cleveland managed two runs on five hits and is now hitting .153 (23-for-150) through four games. They are averaging 3.5 runs per game, but that includes 10 extra innings. Taking that into account, it’s fair to not that the Tribe is averaging 2.7 runs per nine innings.

THIRD: Jose Lopez got the nod at first base for the Indians and belted a solo home run in a too-little-too-late ninth inning. Derek Lowe joked after his outing that Cleveland must be a home run hitting team. He’s not far off. The Indians have scored 10 of their 14 runs (71.4%) on long balls. That’s all well and good, but the Tribe needs more traffic in front of those shots.

HOME: It’s hard to fault starter Josh Tomlin too much for Monday’s loss. His pitch count climbed to 95 in his five innings, but that was mostly due to his uncharacteristically high strikeout total (seven). The first inning was rough — three runs allowed on two home runs — but Tomlin settled in after that. With a little more offensive support, that outing would’ve been acceptable on most nights. As it stands, Cleveland’s rotation has a 2.52 ERA through four games.

On deck:

White Sox (2-2) at Indians (1-3)
7:05 p.m. Tuesday at Progressive Field



Cannot wait to see what Jeanmar does with his first start. This team will start to score hopefully tonight.

I feel sorry for you, Jordan. Looks like it’s going to be a long summer.

Why were we told during spring training that the LF job was open to the best performer? A finally healthy Trevor Crowe was the best by far and he was one of the first sent down. He hit 385 in spring and is killing it in columbus.
Granted it is early but is also early for all the guys on the big league club who by the way are at 200 and below with the beloved Michael Brantly at 077. Would like to Trevor get a chance now that he is healthy.

Love the picture and the reflection of the baseballs in his sunglasses. Cool.

Perhaps you could paint yourself all coorls of the Big 12 you would certainly stand out on press row I’m sure the HoopScoopers would provide the paint

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