Lugo, contracts and more

A little over a week ago, it was reported that the Indians had agreed to terms on a Minor League contract with veteran infielder Julio Lugo. He was to join the long list of non-roster invitees in camp with the Tribe this spring.

The deal is now apparently off.

Cleveland did indeed come to terms with the 36-year-old Lugo, but the contract is not going to come to fruition. The specifics behind why the deal fell apart are not known.

Considering the sides reached an agreement on terms (he would’ve earned $650K plus incentives if on the Major League roster), I’d speculate that it had something to do with his physical. All that really matters is that Lugo will not be heading to Arizona for Spring Training with the Indians.

For those keeping track at home, that means the Indians have 20 non-roster invitees in the fold for this spring. Lugo would’ve competed for a bench job — given his experience around the diamond — but his chances of cracking the Opening Day roster seemed slim from the start.

Moving on…


Jeremy Accardo: The righty will earn a base salary of $825,000 if he makes the Major League roster. His deal includes incentives: $50K every five games from 50-65 appearances and $100K for 70 games. If Accardo isn’t on the MLB roster by June 1, he must be released if requested or added to the roster within 72 hours.

Fred Lewis: The outfielder would earn $725,000 if he makes the MLB roster. Incentives: $50K each for 350, 400, 425, 450, 475, 500, 525, 550, 575, 600 plate appearances. If he’s not on the MLB roster by June 1, he must be released if requested.

Chris Ray: The reliever will earn $900,000 if he’s on the Major League roster. His incentives include $50K every five games from 40-70 games; $50K for 35 games finished, $75K for 40 games finished and $125K each for 45/50 games finished. If Ray isn’t on the 40-man roster by April 3, he must be released if requested, or added to the roster within 72 hours.

Dan Wheeler: The reliever’s contract is nearly idententical to the one handed to Ray. Same salary ($900K) if on MLB roster and same incentives (games/games finished). His only out clause, howeveer, is that he can sign with a foreign team for $100K if he’s not on the MLB roster, or he must be added within 48 hours.

Andy LaRoche: Would earn $600,000 if he is on the Major League roster. If he’s not on the MLB roster by June 1, he must be released if requested.

Matt Pagnozzi: Would make $550,000 if he’s on the Major League roster.

Gregorio Petit: Would earn $500,000 if he’s on the Major League roster. If he’s not on the MLB roster on June 30, he must be released if requested.

Robinson Tejeda: Would earn $825,000 if on the Major League roster.  His incentives include $50K every five games from 50-65 appearances. He would make $100K if he appears in 70 games.

Michel Hernandez: Would make $425,000 if on the Major League roster.


The arbitration hearing dates are set for Indians shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera and left-hander Rafael Perez. When exactly the hearings are scheduled to be held has not been made public, though. Cleveland hasn’t gone to a hearing with a player since 1991, and that streak could still remain intact.

Cabrera’s camp asked for a $5.2 million salary for 2012, while Cleveland countered with an offer of $3.75 million. Perez asked for $2.4 million, while the Tribe offered $1.6 million. In both cases, the two sides can settle with a contract at any point prior to the start of their respective hearing.

I broke down both cases in THIS previous blog post.

Photo of the Week:

Manager Manny Acta reunited with Slider during the Tribe on Tour (AP photo)


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Just to clarify, we’re talking about Julio Lugo and not Jose Lopez as mentioned in the first paragraph, right?

Correct. I’ve edited it, thanks. Bad typo on my part.

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