Twitter Power Rankings (Week 2)

As noted last week, I do not have a formula for picking my Indians player Twitter Power Rankings. If I’m entertained, or I find something funny, it will help a player’s position in the standings.

This last week, reactions to the Prince Fielder signing played a role and there were plenty of twit pics (see: closer Chris Perez, pictured here) to stir conversation among Tribe fans.

CP changed his avatar to a decidely more intimidating photo and did plenty in the last seven days to make sure the #BullpenMafia regained its footing as the Twitter leaders. Second baseman Jason Kipnis had a typically strong week, but CP’s resurgence stood out from the crowd.

That said, Vinnie Pestano was solid as always, doing nothing to lose the top spot.

Indians Player Twitter Power Rankings (Week of Jan. 30-Feb. 5)

1. @VinnieP52 (Vinnie Pestano). Last week: 1
Tweet of the Week: “… I like being an underdog, I like proving people wrong been doing it my whole life. If you’re scared get a dog #neverbackdown” (in wake of Fielder signing)


2. @ChrisPerez54 (Chris Perez). Last week: 3
Tweet of the Week: “@TheJK_Kid maybe you should worry about keeping a different kind of spot…” (after Kipnis tweeted that he was gunning for No. 1 in the Power Rankings)


3. @TheJK_Kid (Jason Kipnis). Last week: 2
Tweet of the Week: “The bigger they are, the harder they fall #alcentral its still #TRIBENation” (shortly after new broke that Fielder signed with the Tigers.


4. @thethree8 (Joe Smith). Last week: 5
Tweet of the Week: “Brant cabby choo Santana g haff kipp hanny dunc or Lou mar. Who says we can’t hit. We can hit. We stay healthy we’re going to be right there” (after Fielder news broke)


5. @L_wash (LeVon Washington). Last week: Sixth Man
Tweet of the Week: “SORRY BUT U GONNA HAVE TO BAT 1,000 WITH 7,000 RBI’S AD 120 HR’S THE FIRST MONTH OF THE SEASON BEFORE U WORTH 200 MILLION TO ME.. #WashTime” (after Fielder news broke)


Sixth Man: @JackHannahan9. Last week: NR
Hannahan is an early favorite for Indians Twitter Rookie of the Year. He recently signed up and was a frequent tweeter this last week during the Tribe on Tour. A fan twit pic’d a photo of a Hannahan autographed baseball that said “Supermanahan.” Quality.

Receiving votes: Shelley Duncan (@shelldunc), Trevor Crowe (@tcrowe4), Ubaldo Jimenez (@UbaldoJimenez22), Frank Herrmann (@FrankHerrmann56), Lou Marson (@LouMar6), Tony Sipp (@SippTony), Thomas Neal (@TDaddyNeal), Cole Cook (@C_M_Cook), Tony Wolters (@TonyWolters).


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