White to begin earning stripes?

See what I did there? OK, maybe it’s a bit of a stretch. My point is this: Alex White could be pitching for the Indians in the near future.

How soon? Well, I wouldn’t rule out this weekend, given the recent injury to Carlos Carrasco and his expected trip to the disabled list. Then again, Cleveland could just as easily go in another direction.

No one has said White will be the guy, but it hasn’t been ruled out. On Tuesday, Indians manager Manny Acta raved about White and the reports the big-league team has received from Triple-A Columbus. His slider has shown improvement and he has mowed down Triple-A hitters with ease.

The skipper had this to say on Tuesday:

“I’m anticipating that he’s going to be here to help us at some point. I can’t give you an exact date, but with the reports we’ve gotten, we wouldn’t be afraid to bring this guy up to compete up here. And, if he has any developing to do, it could be continued up here.”

One day later, Carrasco was unable to complete a bullpen session as planned. He never made it up on a mound, in fact. Now, the Indians need a starter for Saturday (unless rain toys with the schedule before then) and lefty David Huff and White are the top candidates for a callup.

White would be pitching on regular rest. Huff, who logged 94 pitches in seven innings on Tuesday, would be required to start on short rest. Both are pitching well enough in the Minors to receive consideration. Huff is on the roster and has big league experience. White is only four starts deep into his Triple-A career.

Decisions, decisions.

If it were up to me, I’d probably lean toward giving White a look. Like Acta said, given his potential and talent, he could continue his development with the Indians. He is considered a large part of the team’s future and was expected to be in the Majors at some point this season as it stood anyway.

Through four starts for the Clippers, the 22-year-old White has gone 1-0 with a 1.90 ERA, piling up 28 strikeouts against five walks and 19 hits allowed across 23 2/3 innings. This after White — the Tribe’s top pick in the 2009 Draft — earned the team’s Minor League Pitcher of the Year award last season.

There is one issue. White is not currently on the 40-man roster — Huff is. If Cleveland wants to promote White, the team would have to make a subsequent transaction, removing someone from the roster.

Now’s your time to play GM. Would you call up White?



If this team wasn’t in first place, I’d say no. But they are, so I say yes. Show the fans you are dedicated to compete this season. What do they have to lose?

Are Kluber and McAllister not options at this point? It seems like a 2 man race, but if we’re talking a short term replacement, doesn’t it make more sense to go with someone currently on the 40?

i would chance loosing jess todd to waiver claim we have plenty of replacements such as putnam and cory burns top replace todd in the pecking order might as well see if white has the poise to don a big league uniform

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