Cordova family tragedy

It is the season for giving and former Indian Marty Cordova is praying and hoping for a little help during a rough time for his family.

Cordova’s 15-year-old daughter, Ashley McAdam, was in a car accident on Dec. 16 — hit by a truck as one of her friends pulled into her high school — and is in a coma. Beyond the head trauma, Ashley, who was a passenger in the crash, suffered a broken jaw, elbow and thighbone.

According to an Associated Press article, “Ashley has been in intensive care since she arrived at the hospital. Doctors have told Cordova that different people respond in different ways to brain injuries. Her eyes have fluttered open in the last few days, but she is still not responding to voice commands or requests to squeeze a hand or blink an eye.”

Ashley’s family has set up a Facebook page called, “Supporting Ashley McAdam,” where people can offer support. The link to the donation page to help support Cordova and his family for what is expected to be a sizeable medical bill is HERE.

Keep Cordova and his family in your thoughts and prayers.



That’s a shame. My thoughts are with the family.

Hey Bastian, maybe consider doing some writting on the actual team. It’s been two weeks since you posted anything Tribe related that didn’t involve someone dying or in a coma. I know we are basically a AA team in the majors but there’s got to be something worth talking about, man.

WOW!!!! I can’t wait to see more pictures. Heidi you are an abultsoe pleasure and made Lance and I (Groom and Bride) feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Words cannot express how amazed we were not only by your talent, but your ability to make us feel so special and relaxed. We cannot wait for more of our friends to get married just so that we can reccomend your services .

Hey Dixietribefan,

Truth be told, I’ve been having issues posting on the blog that have only recently been resolved. And now that the holidays are in the rearview mirrow, you can expect more frequent Tribe content on here.

With January here and Spring Training practically right around the corner, things will begin to pick up on here. Keep checking, too. There’s been fresh content on there over the past couple weeks.


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