And its so white as snow

Thumbnail image for SnowDays.jpgAs tempting as it might have been to take part in Tuesday’s  “Snolympics” at Progressive Field, I decided it was best for me to sit out.

I was a bit beat up after running Sunday’s Philadelphia marathon after all.

I did head down to the Indians’ ballpark, though, and got a sneak peak at the upcoming “Snow Days” experience, while other media members battled it out on the ice and through the snow around the stadium.

I’ve got to say, reading about what “Snow Days” will include is one thing. Seeing it up close was something else entirely.

It was pretty impressive to see The Batterhorn — with its 10 lanes for snow tubing — towering over left field, running from the bleachers and down to the field. On top of that, there’s a quarter-mile ice skating track that weaves around the field, a maze made out of hay bales (it’s hardly as tall or intimidating as the garden maze in “The Shining,” don’t worry), a small ice skating rink, an area for making snowmen or tossing snowballs and a fire pit up on the Home Run Porch.

“Snopening Day” is Friday, so if you’re not running a Turkey Trot on Thursday morning, you could always burn off that holiday feast with a few laps on the “Frozen Mile” at the ballpark. The “Snow Days” event runs through Jan. 2 and if you want more info on hours and ticket prices CLICK HERE.



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I don’t mean to be vulgar but Yngwie Fucking Malmsteen, that’s who. < Sorry, read the post and you'll untedsrand somewhat. But seriously, Yngwie is a shredder guitarist most popular in the 80s. I always liked his music because he bridged the gap for me between classical and heavy metal no, really.

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