Im going back down south now

Map.jpgThe title of this post — my first as’s beat reporter for the Indians — is a kind of tribute to the scribe I’m replacing here in Cleveland. I love Anthony Castrovince’s creative use of song lyrics on his Castroturf blog and look forward to seeing him continue that style in his new columnist role for

Castrovince is a great reporter and a strong writer and I know — as many Tribe fans have already informed me via e-mail and Twitter — I indeed have some sizeable shoes to fill. For all you “Castronauts” out there, you can at least take comfort in knowing that Anthony is sticking around in Cleveland and his voice won’t be too far away.

Now, however, is the time of the “Bastianauts!”

Too soon?

Many of you might recognize my byline from or from Twitter. Since 2005, I have covered the Toronto Blue Jays for our website. It was a great experience working north of the border, but the time has come for my family to get closer to home. I’m not a Cleveland native, but I am a Midwest boy at heart and Ohio just feels right.

I was born in California, but moved before memories of palm trees and beaches could be planted in my brain. Home is originally in the south suburbs of Chicago and my wife and I still have a large portion of family in that area — both on the north and south sides. I graduated from Michigan State University in ’05 and jumped at the chance to follow my dream of writing about baseball when the opportunity came up to cover the Blue Jays.

With a wife, and now a 1-year-old son, I had been looking for a chance to return to the Midwest. When I learned that Anthony was transitioning into a new role with, I immediately wanted the chance to assume the Indians beat. Having lived here since the end of this past season, I can already tell that taking my talents to Ohio was a great decision.

You will have to get used to a few changes now that Anthony is no longer on the beat, though.

First of all, there will not be as many Bruce Springsteen references (Sorry, bro). With me, you’ll have to get used to the fact that Pearl Jam is the Greatest Band of All-time. You’re also going to have to put up with me talking about my Spartans from time to time. Go Green! Hey, at least it’s not maize and blue. (We share a mutual hatred in that regard). I’ve already had a few of my new neighbors roll their eyes upon seeing my giant MSU flag hanging in my garage. I’m sure they’ll try to turn my son into an Ohio State fan as he grows up here.

You’ll find that I’m very active on Twitter. You can find me under @MLBastian and follow along. I’ve already received a wave of kind words welcoming me to the Tribe beat and I appreciate it very much. It was great to hear from so many Indians fans right after it was made known that I was taking this job.

And, despite what some people might say, I think this is a great time to be a fan of the Indians. Maybe the wins and losses aren’t there at the moment, and the playoffs might seem far away, but the team is young (youngest in the Majors at the end of the season) and in a position to grow as a group in the next few seasons.

I was in the pressbox in Cleveland in 2007 when the Tribe sat only a few outs away from a World Series berth, so I’ve witnessed first-hand the frustration the city feels. It wants a winner and it’s been a long time. I grew up living and dying with the Cubs, so I know the feeling. It’s tough to say “be patient” when so much time has already flown by.

As a reporter, I think this is a good situation in which to begin my career in Cleveland. With a young cast of players, a relatively new Tribe manager in Manny Acta and a first-year GM in Chris Antonetti, this club is in a transition period and looking to build on the successess it experienced down the stretch in 2010.

Tossing a new Indians reporter into the mix can’t hurt, and I’m definitely happy to be here.

Now, let’s get this thing started…



Welcome to Cleveland, but rule #1 is to never use the words “taking my talents to” in a Cleveland sports article.😉

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I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thhgour.

I have been so bewildered in the past but now it all makes sense!

Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend figuring this one out!

That’s not just the best answer. It’s the bestest answer!

I can already tell that’s gonna be super helpful.

Haha. Hey, at least my usage was a positive. I’m waiting to hear from the city to see if they’ll hang a big picture of me sitting in the pressbox on the side of the Landmark Office Tower downtown.



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It didn’t take long to win me over. This line right here, “With me, you’ll have to get used to the fact that Pearl Jam is the Greatest Band of All-time.” While I respected AC’s love for Bruce, my love for Pearl Jam at least matched his, if not topped it. Anytime he used their lyric for the title, it always made me smile, with the most memorable for me being a line from the song “Bugs” following the infamous playoff game against the Yankees when the midges disrupted the mighty Joba. I look forward to your writing and thoughts in the blogs and articles, and don’t be afraid to throw in any references or thoughts about PJ as well. Best of luck.

Welcome to the heartache that is Cleveland Indians baseball.

Forgive us if we show signs of excitement and rampant speculation gets the better of us as spring training and opening day approach. We will be drawn back to reality as the season wears on. I am nothing, if not consistent.

That sounded a lot more pessimistic then I intended. Hahaha….
I look forward to the blog, and the coming season. I hope you enjoy your new assignment as well!

Welcome aboard! You’ll find that, while there aren’t a lot of us who comment on this blog, we do post often…and at strange hours…and sometimes intoxicated. But we’re mostly friendly and irrationally optimistic, until about mid-season.

Hello and welcome! While I entirely echo losangelesclevelandfan’s statements, I’ll clarify that our irrational optimistism up until mid-season is, in itself, irrationally optimistic. The majority of us are unconciously intoxicated juuust before the first pitch on Opening Day.

Maybe after a year or two of covering the Tribe, you’ll understand why.🙂

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Welcome to tribe nation where the silver lining for fans has now become “Hey, at least we’re not the Pirates”. However, I do consider myself one of the more optimistic fans and I do believe Indians have a shot in the weak central next year (albeit a belief that I’ve held on to steadfastly for the past decade). I look forward to your blog and as you have acknowledged you do indeed have big shoes to fill and I wish you the best of luck.

Also, i find your taste in music more agreeable (no offense to Sprinsteen fans). I appreciate Pearl Jam though I’m more of a Soundgarden and Alice in Chains fan.

You’re speaking my language, chiefwahoo.


Welcome, JB! Good luck filling AC’s shoes, but I’ve always liked your stories with the Jays when I came across them. Just ask some hard questions of the brass and enjoy doing a job that many of us would love.

Before I get into my “welcome to the neighborhood” tangent can I make one suggestion JB. I have 20/10 vision and a 17″ computer monitor but I find myself squinting at the screen to read this font size. It’s just a suggestion, but then again it might just be the Miller High Life coursing through my bloodlines.

As for your arrival there are a plethora of ticks, quirks and idiosyncrasies that we all possess as rabid Cleveland fanatics. LACF mentioned a few of them and I have just inadvertently added another one: those of us that ramble on a daily basis use abbreviations for each other. We will use old stories and references from AC’s blog that will make sense to no more than 6 people. We use inside jokes the originated with the Castronauts. When the season ends and the Tribe is idle in free agency we will undoubtedly come up with off-the-wall ideas to fill the void of the not-so hot stove period. Last year’s #1 idea in December was creating a second baseball league geared towards a salary cap that separated the top spending teams in the league (~15%) from the rest.

Above all else we are loyal, passionate fans forming an eclectic group of people varying from silent readers to daily commenters that enjoy this little game to our core. While your past experiences, the teams you’ve covered, your education, family history and traditions make up the man you are today the only thing we care about now is that you’re part of OUR tribe. Welcome sir and I look forward to reading what your bring to the table.

I was pretty disappointed to hear that the Indians would be losing a great beat writer in Castrovince, but as a current MSU student I am extremely pleased and reassured by the fact that our new beat writer is a Spartan Alum. Go Green!

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